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imoe>-Tipp: Kostenfreier Download von Publikationen des WIIW 26.04.13

Das Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche hat zahlreiche neue Publikationen veröffentlicht, die Sie kostenfrei herunterladen können.

The Determinants of Income Polarization on the Household and Country Level across the EU
by Mario Holzner
wiiw Working Papers, No. 93, September 2012
18 pages including 4 Tables and 1 Figure
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP93

Crossing Industry Borders: German Manufacturers as Services Exporters

by Markus Kelle
wiiw Working Papers, No. 92, July 2012
27 pages including 7 Tables
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP92

Manufacturing Productivity: Effects of Service Sector Innovations and Institutions
by Neil Foster, Johannes Pöschl and Robert Stehrer
wiiw Working Papers, No. 89, July 2012
15 pages including 5 Tables
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP89

Offshoring and the Elasticity of Labour Demand
by Neil Foster, Johannes Pöschl and Robert Stehrer
wiiw Working Papers, No. 90, July 2012
23 pages including 7 Tables and 4 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP90

The Gravity of Cross-border R&D Expenditure
by Sandra M. Leitner, Robert Stehrer and Bernhard Dachs
wiiw Working Papers, No. 91, July 2012
24 pages including 5 Tables and 4 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP91

The Role of Multinational Companies in International Business Integration
by Gábor Hunya
wiiw Research Reports, No. 384, November 2012
43 pages including 8 Tables and 18 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=RR384

Global Value Chains and the EU Industry
by R. Stehrer, M. Borowiecki, B. Dachs, D. Hanzl-Weiss, S. Kinkel, J. Pöschl, M. Sass, T. C. Schmall and A. Szalavetz
wiiw Research Reports, No. 383, October 2012
152 pages including 42 Tables and 34 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=RR383

European Neighbourhood ? Challenges and Opportunities for EU Competitiveness
by Peter Havlik et al.
wiiw Research Reports, No. 382, September 2012
154 pages including 24 Tables and 61 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=RR382

Coping with Macroeconomic Imbalances: Bulgaria?s Experience during the Global Turmoil
by Rumen Dobrinsky
wiiw Policy Notes and Reports, No. 8, September 2012
29 pages including 1 Table and 17 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=PN8

The European Rim Countries ? Challenges and Opportunities for EU Competitiveness
by Peter Havlik (coordinator), Vasily Astrov, Mario Holzner, Gábor Hunya, Isilda Mara, Sándor Richter, Roman Stöllinger and Hermine Vidovic
wiiw Policy Notes and Reports, No. 9, October 2012
49 pages including 3 Tables and 12 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=PN9

Sectoral Employment Effects of Economic Downturns
(by Neil Foster, Doris Hanzl-Weiss, Sandra Leitner, Sebastian Leitner, Nirina Rabemiafara, Fadila Sanoussi, Robert Stehrer and Terry Ward)
wiiw Research Report No. 379, August 2012
246 pages including 64 Tables and 39 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=RR379

Measuring the Effects of Trade Liberalization in Kosovo
(by Mario Holzner and Florin Peci)
wiiw Working Paper No. 85, June 2012
12 pages including 1 Table and 2 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP85

Offshoring and the Skill Structure of Labour Demand
(by Gaaitzen De Vries, Neil Foster and Robert Stehrer)
wiiw Working Paper No. 86, June 2012
22 pages including 8 Tables and 4 Figures
Download: http://www.wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP86

Surveying Romanian Migrants in Italy Before and After the EU Accession: Migration Plans, Labour Market Features and Social Inclusion
by Isilda Mara
wiiw Research Reports, No. 378, July 2012
136 pages including 39 Tables and 112 Figures
Download: http://wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=RR378

Bilateral Exchange Rates and Jobs
by Eddy Bekkers and Joseph Francois
wiiw Working Papers, No. 83, June 2012
31 pages including 2 Tables and 3 Figures
Download: http://wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP83

Labour Hoarding during the Crisis: Evidence for selected New Member States from the Financial Crisis Survey
by Sandra M. Leitner and Robert Stehrer
wiiw Working Papers, No. 84, June 2012
17 pages including 10 Tables and 1 Figure
Download: http://wiiw.ac.at/modPubl/download.php?publ=WP84


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